Intellectual capital is our treasure! Our treasures uphold the passion for innovation, the core values of integrity and the responsibility for the environment. Therefore, we are dedicated to continually invest, build on and enhance our treasures. Besides maintaining a strong, driven, talented, diversified and innovative team, dVentus upholds a nurturing work environment making it the best place to learn, grow and create. In the interest of ensuring the sustainability of such an environment, dVentus is always open to the young and the extraordinarily gifted.

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Full Time Jobs at dVentus

As a new college graduate, you can have opportunities to innovate and solve real-world, complex technical and business problems as you join us on our journey. We strive to hire the brightest minds from universities, and have career opportunities available for undergraduates and advanced degree students with diverse academic backgrounds.

In order to garner talent from leading technology institutes as well as giving a window of opportunity to young graduating students to realize their dream of working in “World Class” Engineering organization, dVentus periodically conducts On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Programs.
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Student Programs

Whatever your major or program, whether you are an undergrad or a postgrad, if you are interested in fields from engineering design, technology to clean energy, there is a place for you here.

Through our internship programs, current college students and recent graduates work alongside our talented team gaining practical experience, hands-on training and making an impact from day one.

After initial orientation and intensive training, you will start contributing to projects immediately. Supervisors will give you constructive feedback and career advice; you will gain even more insight into our corporate culture here. If you do well during the internship period, you are prioritized for a long term opportunity.