We go above and beyond delivering products. dVentus helps you transition, adapt and elevate utility systems to intelligent and automated network systems, achieve operational excellence and utilize resources efficiently and effectively.

dVentus strategically maintains a local presence to offer its clients a unique advantage of readily available professional support team for installation, training services and maintenance needs along with a robust and reliable technology designed according to international standards and local operational understanding. We offer different services ranging from engineering R&D, concept and design development to testing and system integration services and strive for continuous improvement with our Design for Six Sigma and Lean initiatives.

With such dedication to maintaining high quality standards and robust technology for localized operations, offering support 24/7 and creating local employment opportunities for professionals, dVentus is a reliable and committed partner.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority!


Electric power and water network analysis

Understanding the existing system and how it operates is very important to the delivery of our services. We apply our design standards and six sigma tools to more than designing and building our products thus enabling us to deliver systems and services crafted to our clients’ particular needs. Collecting voices of customers, first hand information gathering of the local operating conditions and network system structure analysis are the initial steps we take to map out the entire system so as to define, construct, optimize and validate the best possible solutions.

System design and smart grid upgrade

Basing on the results of the network analysis, dVentus’ expert staff is readily available to craft and deliver optimized end-to-end solutions to utility systems. We work alongside and hand-in-hand with local utility staff to have an inside-out view and in-depth understanding of the system. This helps us to craft, customize and develop a cost-effective, efficient, and optimized arrangement fitted for ease of installation and operation, systematic upgrade and a cultured transition to an intelligent, modern system.


Installation and commissioning

dVentus goes beyond delivering products and components. Our team of experts help utilities make a smooth transition to intelligent operating systems without interrupting the existing system.

Customer training

With customer satisfaction and localization as our main priority, empowering our customers is an integral part of the end-to-end solutions we offer. Building local capacities, installation trainings, system operation and maintenance services are among the services dVentus offers.

Our professional team delivers beyond the required technical experience, we put a great emphasis on staff that shows individual initiative, has a sense of responsibility, acts in an entrepreneurial manner combined with flexibility and the capability to establish oneself successfully within the business environment and hence offer an exceptional customer service.

Customized data analytics

Customer information, meter data, outage reports, event reports, payment and credit status are reported to the central operating system of a utility every moment. Sorting and managing through these data and dispatching it to the right departments is made easy with dVentus Meter Data Expert System (MDES). The dVentus MDES empowers utilities with data processing, aggregation, classification, and optimization of the data set. Usage pattern and loss analysis, outage forecasting, demand analysis and forecast using VEE rules is simplified.

Operation and Maintenance (Optional)

Additionally dVentus offers installation training packages and extended contractual agreements for operation and maintenance packages.