Leveraging its experience, proven quality process and core competency; dVentus designs and manufactures generator and drive solutions custom engineered to specific requirements of optimum performance, and cost effectiveness.

dVentus offers variable speed, permanent magnet generators, and smart power electronics converters. These products use technology that provides customers with increased energy efficiency, low cost, long life, and robust design. With a design and development capacity ranging from 10 KW up to 1 MW, dVentus generators and converters are uniquely designed for an efficient application to renewable energy sources including wind turbines, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications, small-hydro , advanced transportation vehicles and different off-grid solutions.



  • 10 kW up to 1000 kW.

  • Variable speed, permanent magnet generators.

  • High power density and light weight generators.

  • Smart power converters.

  • AC-DC-AC or AC-DC converters.

  • Grid tied or standalone application.

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) application.

  • Grid fault-ride-through capable.

  • Available liquid cooled and air cooled systems.

  • Wind turbine application.